Our Partner Schools

North American University is a private, non-profit, full-service college offering both on-campus and online baccalaureate and masters degree programs in three disciplines with several concentrations. NAU is located in South Houston, a few miles away from the famous City of Sugarland. MAESTRO Ed provides NAU business management services. 

American School of English Math and Sciences is a private non-profit school in the Philippines. The school currently enrolls students from Pre-Nursery to Junior High School. MAESTRO Ed provides American School curriculum, Special Education, ESL, and professional development support.

MAESTRO ESL and MAESTRO Academy are part of the educational companies within the MAESTRO Corporate Group. The ESL school services immigrants and refugees who need help in improving their English and communication skills. MAESTRO Academy provides tutoring and test-prep (SAT, ACT, GMAT) in the Chicagoland Area.