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At MAESTRO Ed, we have over 50 years of combined experience in managing and providing services to successful schools. Our educational team consists of former school principals, district administrators, school board members, and teachers.

We help schools with all aspects of school operation while guaranteeing that the School Board and Administration has complete control over the school’s personnel and academic programs.

our WOrk

We are proud of our body of work in the educational field. Our team, individually and collectively, have successfully helped schools improve student achievement while maintaining financial and operational accountability. 

Student Achievement

  • raised schools’ Chicago Public School ratings from 2 – 1+
  • raised schools’ Indiana State school rating from C – A
  • improved student test scores on state standardized tests
  • succesfully implemented critical thinking, reading, and math initiatives

Finance and Operation

  • saved Charter School Network approximately $2 million in employee insurance benefits 
  • experienced in managing multi-campus charter school network
  • successful in balancing school budget without sacrificing student key services
  • secured loans to build new schools 

Teacher Support

  • Perceived Administrative Support Gap (PASG), our original proprietary tool to measure what teachers’ perceive as sufficient and insufficient administrative support
  • provided research based professional developement in Reading, Math, ESL, and Special Education
  • mentored new and noviced teachers
  • trained and supervised teachers on how to analyze student peformance data