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Our Most Requested Services

1. Employee Health Benefits – To date, we have saved charter schools and charter school networks millions of dollars in employee health insurance costs. We work with the top health insurance providers in the nation. We know how to create an employee health insurance package that will provide the best care for your teachers without hurting your budget.

2. Teacher Support – We have developed a research-based and field tested tool, named Perceived Administrative Support Gap (PASG),  that measures teachers’ perceptions on the quality and quantity of support that teachers’ receive from their administrators. Using the data collected from our PASG tool, we were able to help charter schools in California, Illinois, North Carolina, and Ohio design professional development and mentorship programs for teachers and administrators.


Academic Program Support

  • Academic progress monitoring - develop  student progress monitoring system
  • Student data analysis - train teachers and administrators to analyze student data effectively 
  • Teacher professional development - quality and cost effective research-based teacher professional development
  • Special Education and ESL mentorship - personalized approach to Special Education and ESL teacher training

School Operation 

  • Finance - cash flow projections, accounting, budget forecasting, coordination of financial audits
  • Human Resource - teacher recruitment, sub-teacher staffing, payroll, employee benefits, compliance
  • Facility - safety compliance, maintenance, construction, and acquisition

Technology  Services and Management

  • Student Information System Management
  • School Website 
  • Social Media
  • Online Learning
  • Educational Technology Evaluation
  • IT Support and Security

Governance and Compliance

  • School Board Trainings and Support
  • Charter Authorizer Compliance
  • State and Federal Compliance

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